Tattoo Removal Training



Learn to remove tattoo ink and semi permanent makeup pigment safely from the skin.

This is an intense training course including a mixture of theory and hands-on practice on synthetic skins and live models. 

Tattoo Removal training is available now in the UK by industry expert, Candice Watson. Candice has over 35 years of experience performing micropigmentation treatments and delivering world-class training courses to the highest industry standards.

What is Tattoo Removal? 

We teach the Rejuvi method of tattoo removal which is a safer and more gently removals method compared to laser tattoo removal. Rejuvi is also able to remove any colour of the pigment, unlike laser removal.

This method offers unparalleled results at removing tattoo pigment and is the industry choice when removing or correcting a poorly performed semi permanent makeup treatment.

The method

A micropigmentation machine and needle are used to insert a specially formulated removals cream that attaches itself to pigment and tattoo ink and expells the mix from the skin.

What you will learn

You will learn how to professionally assess each client’s requirements and remove tattoo pigment from the skin.

Class sizes

Our tattoo removal training courses are a maximum of 10 students for each trainer.

Course schedule

Our tattoo removals training course is a 1-day course.

A Certificate of Attendance is issued to students once the course is successfully completed.

The cost

We are currently offering training at a greatly reduced cost. Please contact us for our unbeatable latest offers.

Is this course for you?

This course is suited for beginners and people wishing to change their career paths or add tattoo removal to their services. This course is also very well suited semi permanent makeup professionals and medical micropigmentation specialists.


FULLY approved

Have the confidence that we offer industry-leading courses to ensure you gain insurance and start practising immediately after training with us.

EXPERT Trainers

Candice Watson has over 35 years of experience and is seen as one of the most well-respected and highly sought after micropigmentation artists in the world.

IN-DEPTH training

Our courses are extremely in-depth and cover every aspect including hygiene, health and safety ensuring you are fully equipped to practice to the highest international standards.

HIGHEST standards

Our class sizes are kept to the smallest possible to maximise the quality of training helps to ensure you get the very best learning experience in the shortest time.


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